Thursday, October 31, 2013

DeanO 300 in 30 YouTube Giveaway

Hello blogger friends,

Building "followers" or "subs" as were called on YouTube is much the same as it is here in the blogging world. I've seen many, many giveaways here in the blog world. The number one way to build subs in YouTube is to have a giveaway which I am having now; just watch my video. I have some really cool prizes so if you're interested, sub my YouTube Channel, (link at the bottom) and leave the comment instructed in the video. My runner up and Grand prize are really cool prize packages but they require that you are subd to my channel and you leave a Video Response otherwise known as a VR in YouTube. It seems that YouTube is making it more and more difficult for YouTube channels to make money. They continue to change the page format, the number of video's you can see on any one screen and they have done away with VR's so now you have to PM the YouTube Channel owner with the link to your video. Crazy, thanks a lot YouTube.

The second similarity in YouTube and Blog world is commenting. Leaving comments always seems to build our channel, especially if you're kind and honest.

The third similarity in YouTube and Blog world is following YouTube channels and "hoping" they will follow you back. You would be surprised just how many channels will not give you the time of day. Oh well, YouTube has been a journey and I keep my nose to the grindstone trying to build my channel.

Anyhow, you all remember the change after change we got here in blogger world and I'm sure it's changed a bunch in the year I've been absent.

DeanO YouTube Channel


Gorges Smythe said...

I don't watch video's normally, but I hope it works out for you. Glad to know you're still among the living; I miss your blogging.

Mamabug said...

Didn't know how to leave a comment on your YouTube. Great to see you back on your blog again, I've missed you friend! (DeanO 300 in 30 I'm in)

Manu Sánchez Acero said...

¡Hola! Tienes un blog maravilloso, enhorabuena.

Te paso el mío, una webserie en Internet con la que estamos empezando y publicamos nuevo capítulo cada jueves.


Espero que te guste y, si es así, difunde entre tus amigos y conocidos... ¡Mil gracias!

Manu S.

Red Payments said...

Absolutely correctly, both youtube and blogger or any other platform look better if they are getting comments. It shows that content is engaging. It also adds UGC to your posts.

Jade Smith said...

UGC ie user generated content which can be in form of reviews or discussion threads.
engaging content is the key.