Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Elvis - The Last 24

[disclaimer - some vile language in this video]

The truth be told I'm probably one of Elvis Presley's biggest fan. That being said I knew even as a young child that something was very wrong with Elvis during his last days. I would read the tabloids and even purchase one every now and then that had an Elvis front page article; I loved Elvis. My parents never talked much about Elvis as Elvis to them had long sense faded away. My Dad was exactly the same age as Elvis. I guess you could say Elvis at 42 was old, even in the 70's.

I guess many of us remember that day in August 1977 when we first heard that "The King is Dead". My friend called me on the telephone to let me know and I was absolutely in disbelief.  I spent the rest of the day listening to the radio, listening to the news, listening to Elvis songs and eventually, and  according to my parents, I locked myself in my bedroom for three whole days. I probably did do that.

This isn't a post to trash Elvis. I think we've learned over the years to just how addicted Elvis was to Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. However, I learned a good deal from this video about the life of Elvis from his closest friends and confidants. If you enjoyed Elvis then I challenge you to take an hour and be entertained, shocked and bewildered as you look into the life of one of our greatest music stars....ever. I've talked with folks who attended an Elvis concert and they all said the same thing, "there's nothing like an Elvis concert". That's probably true because when Elvis performed it was all about Elvis. No fancy light show but just an amazing concert show.

I continue to be amazed at the depths to which Elvis fell with his drug abuse.. Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Brian Adams, Tommy Bolin, Keith Moon and John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, to name just a few big name artists who all died young from drug abuse.

Elvis was a great performer and had great God given talents but as my friend mentioned to me in an e-mail; "Elvis chose the wide path". It's a sad story my friends. I find myself listening to Elvis with my iPhone at rehab. Elvis could belt out a tune, this is a fact.

Do you have a child hood star you still idolize today? Maybe an actor, musician or political figure. I know Elvis isn't for everyone but for the few years he was here on Earth he made his mark; probably not the mark and legacy he had hoped to leave behind.


Ms. A said...

I remember my youngest was 7 months old and I had to rely on the phone and regular television news to provide the details. Very unlike today, when you can go on the computer and find things within seconds.

Linda said...

I am from Memphis and lived about a mile from Graceland. Elvis was and is a great singer. He was a philanthropist who helped people when he saw them. He came upon a couple with an old car and car trouble, stopped on the side of the highway. He took them to a dealer and bought them a new car. The news did not cover it. He never told or discussed it. The couple did tell. He was an humble man who enjoyed singing and had a drug problem. I blame Col. Parker for many of his problems.

Chatty Crone said...

I liked Elvis - I think it has to be really hard to be a star and stay normal - glad I am not one!

My favorite is James Stewart.


Kid said...

He was the King DeanO. There are very people who come along to entertain like that.
For me, Chet Atkins. Born poorer than poor, had a guitar that he had to put wires from a screen door on to use as strings when one broke. Came to be known as Mr Guitar, and many still regard him as the best player ever.

Tommy Emmanuel, dedicated to being a positive entertainer amidst all the other stuff.

Anyone else who dedicated their lives to that One Thing and became the best at it whether we know about them or not.

mar said...

Amigo, mi blog se eliminó sin querer, pero estás invitado al nuevo y a mi Cumpleaños también.

Crystal Mary said...

As a teenager I loved Elvis. Then as I grew into my twenties, I thought he was just a big head. In 2005 while living in TN my husband took me to Memphis and Gracelands. It was while looking at everything, especially in the museum that I got a different idea about him. It was then that I blamed Col Parker for what Elvis became.I saw Elvis as a good person who allowed his fame to ruin him. He was put up as a God to be worshiped and he enjoyed that.Yet deep within him was a knowing that what he was doing was wrong. It was hard for him to come off his throne. This TOO many family and hangers on, depended on him to live high, and he couldn't let them down. I feel that if he and Priscilla had been able to have, a normal married life, living on their own, and her going with him on his trips, it may have been different. God tells us that a man LEAVES his mother and cleaves to his wife and the two become one. Yet with Elvis, Priscilla was not allowed to be the rightful person coming first in his life.His parents kept him under their thumb. Yes, much confusion,neglect, and living the high live eventually killed him.

DeanO said...

That's a great comment Ms. Crystal Mary. I agree about the Colonel. I understand he was Nasty, mean, domineering an he took 1/2 of the money Elvis made. That is unheard off. I agree and have always thought and it was suggested to him that he fire the Colonel. I believe one awesome trait of Elvis was "loyality" Elvis was loyal to his friends to a fault. One thing Elvis always did was sing gospel music in his concert line-up; I've always appreciated that about his live albums.