Monday, June 6, 2011

Pure Talk - so far so good

About a year ago my wife and I began "seriously" to look for ways to save money. This week I found a co-worker who lives 5 minutes from me so we began commuting immediately. 
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This will save my household two weeks of gas and wear-n-tear on our Honda Pilot. Cool. A week ago my wife took our DirecTV package and reduced it to the "basic" package - another nifty monthly savings. We refinanced which will save another substantial amount of money. Also, we stopped eating out on a regular basis and made eating out a true treat.

I ordered from Amazon the Wahl home hair-cutting kit. This isn't a big savings but it will save at least $100.00 a year. I guess I'm going back to "short" hair

I've previously blogged about how much we save with PhonePower and CIS printing. 

I've found several great blogs, such as Mom's Loot$$$ which gives frugal tips, money saving tips and great coupon advice. Check her out...

But today, just a short review on my first month with Pure Talk USA cell phone service. 

First, there was nothing better then canceling our $90.00 a month Verzion cell phone service. It felt good! Did I ever tell you the story about Verizon billing my account,  $40.00 plus, three months running, for what they called "premium data"? This charge was for text's  sent to me through a facebook game app. Simply horrible and I never got my money back. Boo Verizon. Second, this service isn't for everybody - just for folks who need a cell phone without all the additional frills and services; Internet, GPS, Apps, Games, Video, Camera, texting and more. 

I purchased the family flex plan. $10.00 a month and $5.00 a month for the second phone which includes 101 total minutes. I set my monthly limit at $40.00 which gives me 551 minutes total should I need them; I won't. However, this is the cool selling point with Pure Talk USA - I'm only charged for the minutes I use so $15.00 a month should be the normal bill. Not enough minutes? Add $10.00 and you receive 226 minutes or add a flex plan like I did. Please, I understand this plan will only work for folks looking to save money, and don't desire to spend unlimited amount of minutes per day talking to friends, family, and co-workers, texting, social networking, twitter and surfing the web on their cell phones. I get it! But - if you're just a little like me, (looking for a deal and way to save money) and you don't need the latest and greatest cell phone, perhaps Pure Talk USA will work for you.

We purchased the Motorola V3 Razr for $29.95 each. I know - old technology; but they work just fine and we kept our cell phone numbers. My phone is black and Karen's is Cherry Red. Included with the service is Voice Mail, charger and if you must text; texting is .05 cents each and deducted from your monthly bill. Minutes always roll over so my wife rolled over 120 minutes last month. (minutes from our free 150 minutes sign-up bonus) Also, you can change the amount of minutes designated to each phone with your on-line account.

What I like most about this service is "NO CONTRACT". I hate contracts and the "free" upgrades which lock you into another year of contract with "early" termination fees. Y'all know what I'm talking about. Pure Talk USA offers an unlimited plan of $39.95 but then whose saving any money? $15.00 - $25.00 a month for my family plan and were saving over $60.00 a month.

In short - the service is great but not available in every location. The phone selection is limited and I didn't find a phone I truly liked. The sound clarity with my V3 Razr is just fine. I give Pure Talk USA 4 stars out of 5. ★★★★ They lack in variety of phones available and their customer website is crudely basic. But, give them a try - you'll save money!!! If you don't like the service; quit and go back to your major cell phone carrier and Droid.

Don't do this "picture from internet"

Kid, over at Diary of a Right Wing Peace loving Pussycat, mentioned Tracfhone. I haven't checked these guys out but it looks like another great way to save on your cell phone bill. Do your research my friends.


Nonna Beach said...

Wow DeanO,

I was totally floored when I started reading this awesome post and your tips, then came across you mentioning my little blog. A thousand thanks 'cause you made my month a lot happier ! I so enjoy your blog also and I am proud that you all are trying your best to save some more $$$ each really does add up !

Have a great week !

Kid said...

DeanO. Cool. I have to wonder who all the iPhone people are but I don't have to look too far. Some are my Nieces and I know they're not rich. As stated before, my wife and I use the Tracfone service and phones - 17 bucks a month total, auto-billed to credit card. Minutes roll over. We bought phones for 29.95 also that had a double minutes for life feature and I get 80 min a month. After a couple years now, I have 1500 minutes on my phone. I could probably watch a movie on the thing now and not worry about running out. But we use cell phones for their original intended purpose. Communication on the road, which for us isn't much.

Julianna said...

Excellent tips. Unfortunately, we need the bells and whistles (texting). I have also started looking for ways to save. Now that Almost Hubs has moved in, we are eating in more often, and I have started couponing...not as much as on Extreme Couponing, but I cut grocery expenses 60%, AND when there are no sales on things we eat, we eat from the pantry, which is now always full.

We are keeping our finaces separate even after the wedding, but will also be looking into better finance rates for the loans we currently have.

Good luck with your saving!

WomanHonorThyself said...

woohoo u saved $..go u!...lolz..good ideas too btw!

Gone Country said...

I am always looking for ways to save money! Thanks for some of these tips. I have been looking into the Tracfone. We currently have AT&T for cell service but are unable to use the service at our house because of all the trees. I've called to complain and see if they would give me a break. They gave me a break for one month. If I get out of the contract... $100 per phone decreasing $5 per month until the contract is up. I will NEVER get another phone with a contract. My neighbor has a Tracfone and she gets a signal. Can't wait to check it out. I also just bought the Magic Jack for home service. I'm calling the phone company tomorrow to see how much just Internet service is through them since you have to have it to use the Magic Jack. $20 a year for local and long distance sounds pretty good to me! I hope it works out! This is getting long... sorry! Have a great night!

Marlene said...

We dumped our home phone and went with a Magic Jack about two years ago. LOVE it. Have never had a dropped call....very few "bad connections" and I can talk to my Canadian family without worrying about any long distance bills. Best of all - we've saved about $600 a year doing this.

It isn't for everyone. You have to have a good cable internet connection.

Sharon said...

We try to cut back, did go to smaller tv package, there is nothing much on anyway. Pretty much stuck with Verizon, nothing else works out here and we have unlimited talk to each other when he is on the road, we use a lot of minutes!

Hmm, my word verification is "defat" kind of appropriate for the topic!

Ms. A said...

Good job!

Julia de Miguel said...

amazing blog, i need to save money.. but i dont knowed how :)

Nancy said...

Any way you can save, and it makes sense for your family, makes sense overall. Why pay them for something you don't need?

Great post Dean. :)

Kim, USA said...

That's a good way to save money. Happy weekend!

Indigo said...

Awesome tips. Not eating out a lot definitely saves me money. Another little tidbit on phones. If you text, you can usually get unlimited texting. Which saves a small bundle in calls as well. (Hugs)Indigo

Donna said...

You may not be too thrilled with that Razr, but my husband and I have had two of them for years. One has been dropped in a toilet, run over in a parking lot, dropped in a lake and washed in the washing machine, just to name a few incidents, and it still works!